About Cali

pics 009Cali is a 1 year old Golden Retriever.  Her nickname is “The Monster”.  Her AKC  official name is “California Dreamin’ II”.  I guess there already is a California Dreamin’ Golden Retriever because when her paperwork came back I happened to notice it said the II on it.  She wasn’t too happy about that.  Cali enjoys eating sticks, grass, rocks, bushes, plants, snails, socks, tennis balls, ice cubes, and any and all crumbs that may fall on the kitchen floor.  Her favorite activities include running laps around our coffee table, swimming in her grandparents’ pool, running into our neighbor’s apartments if their doors are open, chasing her shadow, looking at us like we are crazy if we call her to come to us, and demanding to be allowed to say hello to all people, children, and dogs when out for a walk. 

With that being said, she did graduate from Doggie Manners Obedience School.

She is also the cutest and sweetest dog ever.  And there is absolutely no possible way to be mad at her, even when she thoroughly embarrasses us, which is on a daily, if not hourly basis.  We treat her as our first born child and I think she is probably the most loved dog in the world. 

Cali stays in great shape by joining me on my runs.  Although, occasionally she decides she isn’t in the mood to run and she simply sits her big bottom down and refuses to move.  She’s the best.


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