Running Tour

It is a gorgeous day here in LA.  Cali begged me to go for a run, and of course I couldn’t resist this cute face:

When we go for short runs, I always take the same route throughout our neighborhood.  Even though we live in a new “cookie cutter”  type development, there are many beautiful parks and trails, which makes for great scenery while running.  Today I decided to bring my camera along so I could snap some photos of the route that Cali and I run.  So, I leave you with a photo tour – enjoy!


10 responses to “Running Tour

  1. What a cute place that you live in! I would never get bored looking at every thing 🙂

  2. Its nice to have beautiful running buddy that it’s hard to say now too. If I try to take my dog for a run I would not be able to keep up.

  3. So pretty! I haven’t really explored that area too much although my sister-in-law went to LMU.

    We visited Petros yesterday and I thought of you. It was SO delicious! I could eat there every day.

  4. it’s so fun to see your running spots! what’s lmu? happy new year!

  5. I really enjoyed seeing your pictures from your run. They are beautiful! Great guest post on
    Have a good day!

  6. It’s my first comment , but I just had to say you have the most beautiful dog. And those pictures of your neighborhood are so gorgeous.

  7. WHOAH! I just stumbled upon your blog from Carrots n’ Cake and was shocked by the pictures! I immediately recognized it as I spent the summer living on the LMU campus while working on staff at the LA Teach For America summer institute.

    What a small world! And congrats on the marathon 🙂

  8. ridiculously jealous of your sunshine!

  9. I’d love running here, too! there’s NO SNOW and lotsa sun! something western NY is not known for. thanks for the lovely pics!

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