Happy New Year’s Eve!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  I’ve been enjoying some much needed rest and relaxation and still have one more week of vacation to look forward to.  I also have my best friend in town for the next few days along with my brother, my husband’s brother and sister-in-law, and our adorable nephew!  We are all looking forward to spending New Year’s Eve together tonight.

A couple of highlights from the past week include a visit to Candy Cane Lane and a hike on the Westridge Trail.

We visited Candy Cane Lane with our good friends and their girls.  Candy Cane Lane was established in 1949 and the residents there have been decorating their front lawns to the max ever since.  Now, they close off the street to cars every evening so that people can come and walk around to see the light displays.  We bundled up to pretend it was cold (only about 58 degrees!) and I must say that it definitely felt like Christmas.

Tiger Woods even made an appearance:

Fake snow is all we get here in LA, but at least it looked pretty real:

One house had a full movie theater set up in their yard:

Complete with a big screen showing of the Polar Express:

Visiting Candy Cane Lane was a great way to kick off Christmas!

On Christmas Day my family took a hike on the Westridge Trail and enjoyed the beautiful views of LA.  It was a gorgeous day here on Christmas, and we enjoyed views of the ocean and downtown:

Cali loved being able to roam freely along the trail – she felt like the queen of the jungle!

Well, now we’re off to watch VT play – GO HOKIES!  And, to celebrate New Year’s Eve!  I hope everyone has a fun and safe night!


3 responses to “Happy New Year’s Eve!

  1. Great Candy Lane, we visited a house that was in sync with a radio station…we tuned in to listen and watch the lights go! have a Happy New Year!!

  2. Sounds like you are really enjoying the holidays! I bet the weather is a bit “milder” where you are too 😉 Hope you had a great new years!!!

  3. I didn’t get to visit Candy Cane Lane this year but last year it was stunning! Franklin Canyon is sort of near Beverly Hills and Mulholland if that makes any sense. It is really beautiful for hiking!

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