No Snow in Sight on a Warm Winter’s Night

While the east coast is getting a full blizzard, we are having a heat wave here in LA – 75 degrees today instead of the average 68 degrees for this time of year.  I’m definitely not complaining, but I have to say it is a bit strange to have it be so warm right before Christmas.  This is the first year we are staying here in LA for the holidays and I do miss the cold weather just a little.  Although, it is nice to see palm trees all year:

And, it was really nice to sit outside and enjoy lunch today with the loves of my life:

It was also really nice to run a 5K this evening in the warm weather.  It was the perfect evening for a race on the beach.  The Manhattan Beach Yuletide 5K is run on the beach during low tide.  My husband and I both ran the race, although he beat me by a few minutes.  The race was beautiful, but HARD!  There were luminaries all along the course and they handed out glow stick necklaces for participants to wear.  By the time the race started it was dark and all you could see throughout the race were the glow sticks bobbing up and down.  The sand wasn’t packed as hard I was anticipating.  For much of the race we were running in wet, mushy sand, which made it difficult.  There were also a lot of holes that were impossible to avoid, because you couldn’t see them!  Even though it was a difficult race, I pushed myself and averaged a 10:30 pace (I normally run a 10:45-11:00 pace).  It was a fun race to run and I look forward to running it again next year!

While driving down to Manhattan Beach for the race we had a beautiful view of Catalina off in the distance:

After running, we stopped by Target for a few things, including a santa suit for dogs that I was determined to fit on Cali (even though it said up to 50 lbs. and she weighs 65).  She was not too excited when I tried it on her, especially since it was way too small.  Her paws couldn’t even fit through the sleeves!  She really was not happy when I took her picture:

It’s a good thing Cali isn’t a small dog, because I would be dressing her up all the time. 🙂

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season – and if you are back east, have fun in the snow for me!


2 responses to “No Snow in Sight on a Warm Winter’s Night

  1. haha, she looks cute. great job on the 5k. I’ve tried running in the sand, when I lived in Florida…just can’t do it. I envy your weather too, I think it’s a high of 60 today.

  2. The weather here is crazy isn’t it? Manhattan Beach is one of my favorite places. Have you tried Petros Greek restaurant? Once of my favorites!

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