You know you’re a runner if…

You’re foot looks like this:

Yes, that would be a missing toenail (sorry about the gruesome photo!).  I had a blister under that nail throughout much of my marathon training, but the nail stayed in place.  Until today.  Amazingly, a new toenail had already started growing in underneath.  Even though it looks painful, I really didn’t feel anything when it came off.  A friend, who also lost a toenail from running, suggested painting a “faux-nail” until the new nail is fully grown in.  I think I will do just that!

Onto more pleasant things…our little family (me, my husband, and Cali) went to get a Christmas tree last night.  Cali loved being part of the action – she definitely tried to eat every tree branch she could get close to, as evidenced in this photo:

We spent this evening decorating the tree and watching Christmas movies.



We chose not to decorate our tree with a “theme”, but instead with some silver and red ornaments, and ornaments that have special meaning to us.

Some of my favorites include this Virginia Tech ornament given to me by my mentor during my first year teaching:

This handmade wooden desk with an apple on it was given to me in 1986 by one of my kindergarten friends (sorry it’s a little blurry):

We received this ornament attached to one of our wedding gifts last year.  It says “For love, for life, for keeps, for real” and has the year engraved on the back.

And this is the most recent addition to our ornament collection.  We bought this glass ornament on our trip to Hawaii over Thanksgiving:

Cali enjoyed posing for a picture by the Christmas tree:

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and enjoying getting into the holiday spirit!


5 responses to “You know you’re a runner if…

  1. I love all the special things that you put on your tree.
    I would be careful painting that nail, infections?

  2. Ouch ouch, haha. I love the tree too!

  3. Your tree is just lovely! Love the special ornaments that have meaning as well, so cute 🙂

  4. I love sentimental ornaments WAY more than any ornament “theme”. We have an egg carton cutout thing that my cousin made in preschool… he’s now 25!

  5. That looks really painful! But your tree looks great.

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