Feeling Good!

I ran for the first time today since my injury, and I felt good!  I only did about 2 miles, but I didn’t have any pain in my foot.  I was so excited to not feel any pain because I have been soooo worried about this.  I was all smiles when I came back home.  Cali was too 🙂


It felt a little strange at first to run, because I hadn’t done so in a while, and I’d been wearing the cumbersome boot for over a week.  So, I felt a little lopsided!  But after the first mile or so I started to feel better, although I was thinking about my foot the whole time.  Luckily my foot felt fine!  Hopefully I will be able to say that after 26 miles!

I’m probably only going to run a few more times before we leave for NYC next week.  On the days I don’t run I plan to use the elliptical at the gym.  All of the “experts” I have talked to assured me that I will be fine for the race, even with my lack of running recently.

Thank you so much for all of the positive thoughts that have been sent my way!


One response to “Feeling Good!

  1. Yay, for no foot problems. have fun in NYC and take lots of pictures for me. lol

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