The Countdown Begins!

It’s officially less than 2 weeks until the marathon, and I received my registration card via e-mail today.  Although I haven’t run in over a week, I’m beginning to get very excited about the race.  I’m planning to run on Wednesday, and just hoping my foot feels fine.  I feel no pain anymore when walking around, but am still keeping the boot on it for a couple of more days.

We had a wonderful time in La Jolla for my brother’s best friend’s wedding.  The bride looked beautiful and the wedding was a lot of fun.


My brother served as a groomsman and did an excellent job 🙂


It was really nice that my family was invited, as it allowed us to spend time together.


My husband requested that the DJ play our first dance song from our wedding, and even with the boot on, I was able to relive our wedding dance.  I had forgotten many of the steps, but luckily my wonderful husband remembered. 🙂


I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Please keep your fingers crossed that my foot is A-OK on Wednesday!


3 responses to “The Countdown Begins!

  1. Weddings are always a lot of fun.

  2. i love your dress!!

    *fingers crossed* good luck on your run tomorrow!

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