20 Miles and a Hurt Foot

Yesterday I completed my 20 mile run!  Unfortunately, I probably shouldn’t have finished all 20 miles.  Around mile 14 my foot started hurting, but I was determined to finish, so instead of stopping like I probably should have, I kept going, mixing walking, running, and limping by the end.  Not a good idea.  A few hours after I finished the run a large bruise appeared on the outside of my foot.  I had difficulty putting weight on it, but I wasn’t in a lot of pain.  I iced it and elevated it and pretty much just rested the rest of the day.  Today I woke up and was unable to put weight on it.

I’m extremely disappointed and frustrated.  This was my last big training run and I’d been able to stay healthy the whole course of my training until now.  I am planning to go to the doctor early this week for an x-ray.  I have 3 weeks until the marathon and am determined to still be able to run the race.  Please keep me in your thoughts as I get medical attention this week, and hope it is something that will heal quickly.  I guess I’ll be doing a lot of swimming over the next three weeks!


One response to “20 Miles and a Hurt Foot

  1. oh no im sorry to hear about your foot! i hope its nothing serious! ill keep you in my thoughts for a speedy recovery!

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