Cali’s the BEST

Today Cali and I had a GREAT 3 mile run.  The temperature was a nice and cool 68 degrees and the sun was shining.  Cali was the PERFECT running buddy today.  She ran right along side me the whole way and didn’t stop once.  We ran a speedy 3 miles and incorporated one looooong hill into it.  I felt great the whole way and was so happy to have Cali with me.  She got a nice big treat when we got home 🙂

Unfortunately, when I took my shoes off I noticed one of my toes was hurting again.  After my 18 mile run I felt like one of my toenails was going to fall off.  It was very sore and looked like it was raised quite a bit off of my toe.  It didn’t hurt at all during my run today but when I took my shoes off it was throbbing.  I had my husband look at it tonight and he diagnosed me with a blister under my toenail.  (He’s not a doctor, but he is super smart 😉 )  He then went into action and prepared a needle and while I hugged on Cali, he popped the blister!  And LOTS of gunk oozed out (sorry, it’s gross, I know).  It is still throbbing and oozing a bit (now an hour later) and I’m pretty worried about it.  I’ve heard the typical horror stories of marathon runners losing lots of toenails, but I don’t want that to happen!  And the main thing I’m concerned about is just being comfortable for my 20 miler this weekend.  And of course being good to go for the race in 3 weeks.

So, if anyone has any helpful information on what I can do to help my toe heal, PLEASE let me know!

Well, I’m off to pack because I’m going on a very exciting 2-day vacation tomorrow!  Stay tuned to find out where I’ll be 🙂


2 responses to “Cali’s the BEST

  1. haha yay for dr hubby to the rescue :]

  2. Ouch! sounds very painful but glad to hear you have a great doctor. Oh, i love short vacays…have fun. Can’t wait to hear more details.

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