18 Miles

This morning I was up at 6:30 so I could be out the door for my run by 7.  For my pre-run meal I had half an Ezekiel english muffin with almond butter.  It was yummy and kept me full for a long time.


I set off in the cool morning air for my long 18 miles.  I ran from our place to my husband’s parents’ house, which to me is so much easier than running out and back.  I felt great the entire way!  I’m really happy I took a break from the long runs last weekend, because I felt so good today, both physically and mentally.  My new fuel belt was GREAT!  It didn’t bounce at all and was very comfortable to wear.  It was so nice to have water and Gatorade whenever I needed it.

At one point during my run I got caught up in a 10K race through Manhattan Beach.  It was really fun to be running along with people running the race -I even got cheered on!  I didn’t want to run across the finish line though, so I moved onto the beach so I could run around it .

The hills at the end of my run were a bit of a challenge.  I ended up walking for a couple of minutes up one very steep hill.  At least I know the hills are making me a stronger runner.

When I got to my in-laws’ house I still had to run 1.5 miles in order to complete the 18.  I was very tired and wanted to just quit, until I saw this:


My sweet, sweet husband put this sign on the mailbox, along with a glass of ice water.  It was just the motivation I needed to finish the 18 miles!  I even ran the last 1.5 at a faster pace than I had been doing the whole time!  And when I finished I was greeted by my husband and a soaking wet Cali, who had just gotten out of the pool.

After icing my knees, stretching, and showering, my husband, Cali, and I headed to a new resort nearby to have lunch.  It is a beautiful property with lots of  dog- friendly walking trails.


Cali was very well behaved and thoroughly enjoyed herself.


We ate a delicious lunch outside at one of the resort’s restaurants.  Cali enjoyed being with us and made sure to position herself so that everyone who walked by had to stop and pet her 🙂

I was so happy that today’s run went well.  Now I only have one more “major” run left before the marathon – the 20 miler!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


8 responses to “18 Miles

  1. HI BOO!!! I’m so proud of you and was quite moved by Mike’s sweet note…I think we need to find an award system for him…he is definitely husband of the year!!! I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since your wonderful wedding day. Anyway, I think I’ll have to come south for my marathon training and hope that Mike and Cali will cheer me on too…

    Congrats again, I am SO proud of you!!!

  2. im from rpv but am away for college and your pictures are making me miss my beautiful hometown!

    and that was totally sweet of your husband for the encouraging sign!

  3. Way to go! 18 miles is quite a feat. I’m impressed and inspired by you! Your husband definitely seems like a sweetheart. Keep up all the good work!

  4. great run girl, that was super sweet of your hubby to do that!

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