Friday Night Fun

It’s a Friday night and no, I’m not out on the town.  I’m home getting ready for my 18 mile run tomorrow!  And who am I kidding, I wouldn’t be out on the town whether I was running tomorrow or not – I’m an old lady 🙂

My evening has consisted of filling my new fuel bottles.  One with Smart Water and one with Gatorade:


Creating a new music playlist and charging my iPod:


Getting my fuel belt and energy chews ready:


And laying out my clothes and shoes for the morning:



Cali was busy deciding if she wanted to join me tomorrow or not:


She decided she would rather sleep in 🙂

Now it’s time to get a good night’s sleep so I can be up and ready to go at 6:30.  Wish me luck as I set out on the longest run I’ve ever done!


P.S. Have I mentioned I have the most AMAZING husband in the world?  Today I was surprised with these beautiful flowers at work:



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