Marathon Training

Marathon training is……..HARD!!!!  There, I said it.  I’m not going to attempt and sound all tough and super athletic, because honestly, this training is extremely difficult.  Not only physically, but mentally.  Knowing that I have long runs early on Saturday mornings, leaves me feeling a bit anxious and nervous beginning on, ohhhh…Monday each week!  I find myself constantly thinking about the long run all week and usually don’t sleep well the night before.

This week is a “down” week in my training, with no long run scheduled for tomorrow.  I’m supposed to run 6-8 miles, but will probably only run about 4-5, because I just need a little break.  True athletes and marathon runners would laugh at me and say there are no breaks in marathon training.  Well, I’m a wimp.  I’ve been so much more relaxed mentally this week knowing that I don’t have a big run planned for Saturday.  Now I remember what life was like before I started training!

Physically, my body is getting a bit exhausted.  No injuries, just “overuse”.  I decided to visit a sports medicine doctor yesterday, who treats many athletes and marathon runners, for a general physical just to make sure I’m good to go for the race.  He said my knees don’t appear to have any injuries but that they are slightly inflamed from overuse.  This is normal, he assured me.  He gave me a clean bill of health and reminded me to simply listen to my body from here on out, especially during the race.

Now, don’t get me wrong – while this training is hard, I am definitely enjoying it in many ways.  I may complain about aches and pains or being tired, but I feel such a sense of accomplishment each time I head out for a run – whether it be a short 4 mile midweek run, or a 17 mile long run.

Well, thanks for allowing me to complain a bit about how hard this is.  My dear husband has been listening to me for months now 🙂  And of course, I always remember that nobody is making me do this…except the little voice in my head!   And if any real athletes or runners out there are reading this, please don’t laugh at me.  I’m just a girl with short, stumpy legs, attempting to make one of my dreams come true.  Even if it is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

And, I promise from here on out – only positive thoughts!


4 responses to “Marathon Training

  1. Good Luck with your training and keep on going strong. I think your doing an awesome job!

  2. i can’t imagine! I’ve never run more than 6 miles, so I know how tough it must be, but it’s so exciting, too!!!

    I saw your comment on Caitlin’s blog that your a VT alum! Go Hokies 🙂 I work there now and graduated from Tech.

    • That’s so neat that you work for Tech now! I have only been back once since I graduated several years ago, but next year we are definitely planning a trip for a game. Hopefully they will keep up their winning season!

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