Short runs, tired feet

I must admit that being back at work has impeded my running schedule a bit.  I’m exhausted at the end of the day, and my feet hurt!  After wearing flip flops all summer, it has been difficult to go back to wearing heels AND being on my feet all day.  So, when I get home in the afternoon/evening I’ve only been making it out for short 2-3 mile runs.  And for those of you who don’t know me, running in the a.m. is just not an option!  I need every minute of sleep I can get 🙂  Although I should technically be running farther during the week, I feel ok because I’m listening to my body.  I am still keeping up with my long runs on the weekend, and those are going really well.  And going by what I’ve heard from seasoned marathoners, the long runs are the most important runs.  Hopefully over the next few weeks, as I get used to standing/walking all day and my feet get used to the shoes I wear, I will be able to get back on track for my mid-week runs.  But for now, I am doing what I can and begging my hubby for foot rubs 🙂

I’ve told my students that I’m training for a marathon and they are all very excited for me.  It’s nice to have a group of 10 year olds cheering me on!  Hopefully I can make them proud by returning to school in November with a fancy medal around my neck!


One response to “Short runs, tired feet

  1. Take an easy, that sounds like it would be hard to transition back into heels. Hope your feetsies get better so you can race.

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