16.5 Miles!

I’m back!  So sorry about the lack in posts this week…it was back to school time and I was extremely busy and exhausted when I got home. I’m teaching 5th grade now, which is a big change from 1st, so I’ve been working a little extra this week.  But so far things are going well!  I have a very sweet class – at least for now!

So, where did I leave off?!  Last weekend we took Cali to her first horse show in Palos Verdes.  I grew up riding horses and I was excited for Cali to be around them.  She wasn’t too interested.  Of course, she was more interested in the people.  She did sit for a little while and watch the horses in the jumper classic:


We then celebrated my birthday with my in-laws at a beautiful resort in Palos Verdes called Terrenea.  We had a delicious meal at one of their restaurants.  The view from our table was amazing:


For Labor Day we cooked out with friends in a park in our neighborhood.  The guys manned the grill, the girls chatted, and our friends’ children played.  We had a great time!IMG_1674



For dessert I made my good friend’s recipe for “fruit pizza”, which is always a big hit!


My husband had to be out of town for business on my birthday so we celebrated together last weekend, and he surprised me on the actual day with beautiful flowers!  My birthday was also the first day of school (9/9/09, pretty cool!), so it was very nice to come home to flowers after a long day.  Especially pink flowers 🙂


For my birthday I enjoyed a wonderful dinner with my girlfriends at Petros in Manhattan Beach.  It was delicious!  And we had a really great time!


Now on to running…today I ran 16.5 miles!  I had planned my run from our place to my husband’s parents’ house and mapped it on Google Maps Pedometer.  The site told me it was 15 miles, which was perfect, because that is how far I needed to run today.  Well, it wasn’t exactly accurate because I ran on the bike path, not the road.  So I actually ran 16.5 miles!  It felt great!  The majority of the run was on the bike path, but I also ran on the beach for 1/2 a mile, on a trail up a cliff, and on the road.  The last mile was straight uphill – and when I say uphill, I mean a very steep incline.  My legs were so tired that I had to walk a little bit of the last mile.  It was a great way to end a long run!  I ate some Luna Moons again on the run – I really like them.  And drank water from the water fountains along the bike path.  After today’s run I’m very confident that I will be able to finish the marathon.  I feel great!

Cali had an exhausting day as well.  We had a dog trainer come to the house to work with us for 3 HOURS!  We have trouble with Cali jumping on people when they come over and also pulling on the leash, so it was time to get these things under control. The trainer was great.  He was very knowledgeable and Cali responded very well to him.  She did great!  But she is mentally exhausted!  She has been enjoying a little lounging on the couch this afternoon.


I promise to keep up with the blogging this week!  I hope that everyone is having a great weekend.


4 responses to “16.5 Miles!

  1. You are a ultimate hardcore runner…you go girl! Happy B-lated Birthday! I had to get my dog trained too, Missy used to be so hyper and want to jump on house guests.

  2. I don’t know where Cali came up with the idea of lounging on the sofa! Sounds as though you all had a full, rewarding weekend. We’re home.

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