The Road Ahead

Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone!

My training schedule said I should have run 10 miles today (a little break from the longer runs), but for some reason in my mind I only wanted to do 8.  Earlier in the week I told myself I would only run 8 miles if it was still smokey from the fires.  Well, there was no smell of smoke in the air this morning, but I still had my mind set on doing 8 instead of 10.  I think it was my body telling me I needed a little “break” from the training schedule.  After following it pretty strictly for the last couple of months, I think I wanted to rebel a little.  So, I only ran 8 miles instead of 10.  Oh well!  I did run those 8 miles at a faster pace than normal, which felt good.  I’m ready to get back on track this week in preparation for a 15 mile run next Saturday.

I’m just about halfway through my training program, and from here on out I have some goals I would like to accomplish:

  • Remain injury free by training smart
  • Incorporate more speed work into my mid-week runs
  • Try some hill repeats once a week
  • Continue eating healthy in order to lose a few more pounds (My dad always tells me that running is all about weight – the less you weigh the easier it is.  So true!  And, he would know, considering he has run many marathons.)
  • Do 20 minutes of runner’s yoga twice a week

Although I felt slightly disappointed in only running 8 instead of 10 miles this morning, I do feel very proud of what I am achieving.  I am grateful every day that my legs are strong enough to carry me through my runs.  I hope they continue to carry me through the remainder of my training and through the big race. I’m looking forward to the road ahead!


2 responses to “The Road Ahead

  1. Great job Annamarina!! I applaud for your 8 miles. I’m still working on distance. I’m only up to 4.

  2. I’ve been worried about you and the fires. Glad to hear the smoke was less intense. You are doing great and inspiring many along the way. I planned out my menu for the week. Tonight we had turkey cutlets with wine sauce, fingerling potatoes, and an avocado/corn/tomato salad.
    Thanks, Annamarina!!

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