Two hits and a miss

I’m thrilled that I decided to finally get organized about our meals and plan ahead.  It has made cooking dinner so much easier and less stressful.  Each evening I take out my binder and pull out the recipe for that night.  I know that I have all of the ingredients, so all I have to do is cook!   I’ve stuck to my plan for the most part – except, I have to admit, for last night when I got home much later than expected and was absolutely exhausted, so we ended up ordering a  pizza…oh well…life isn’t always predictable.

Here are reviews of the meals so far this week:

Whole wheat pasta with chicken, tomatoes, basil, seasonings, and mozarella (baked in the oven): delicious!

Falafel Burgers (a Rachael Ray recipe): not so delicious.  They had a very mushy texture – I may have over processed the beans – but I don’t think I will make them again.  I did, however, love the Ezekiel sprouted grain pitas that I served them in.


Flank Steak with Spinach Couscous: delicious!  I’ve been craving red meat, which is rare for me, and my husband always enjoys a good steak, so this hit the spot!  I forgot to take a picture, because we were so hungry, but it looked just like the picture from the recipe.


So, two out of three meals so far this week were great.  I guess that’s alright since I’m trying new recipes!  Oh, and the pizza was delicious of course 🙂

In the running department, things are going well.  Cali has joined me on my short runs this week, and she has been doing much better (as long as she gets to stop once and roll in the grass).  My training schedule only has me running 10 miles for my long run this weekend.  The long run decreases in distance after a few mileage increases.  I’m going to see how the air is on Saturday from the fires.  If the fires are still burning, I may only do 8 miles or so and just see how I feel.  Even though the fires are far from here, you can still notice a faint smell of smoke in the air, which definitely isn’t good for long runs!

Cali asked to have her picture taken for the blog tonight.  Here she is playing with her toys:


I hope everyone is having a great week!


5 responses to “Two hits and a miss

  1. Terry and I were introduced to Everyday Cooking Magazine (by Martha Stewart) last summer and have thoroughly enjoyed cooking dinner. I would love to say we do it nightly, but that doens’t happen often. What we have discovered is a whole new world of foods and spices that make everyday meals so much better. You are right, the key is planning. Our budget is tight here, so I have to plan according to sale items, which is not that big of an issue. Nice to see your cart full of groceries – I have never seen you with more than 15 items!!

    I love reading your blog. You have inspired me to cook more and eat more healthy fresh foods. I buy organic when I can and have cut back of portions. Keep up the good work!!

    • I bought that magazine the other day at the grocery store! It looks great and I can’t wait to try some of the recipes. Thanks for reading my blog – I’m glad you are enjoying it! I miss seeing you at the grocery store 🙂

  2. Oooo that bowl o’ pasta looks fab girl! Getting organized really makes life so much easier, I totally agree 🙂 Good luck with your runs and glad you are far away from the fires :/ Have a great one!

  3. Looks like Cali is very loyal to her favorite toys. Is that Tula’s giraffe in the photo? Those toys have been incredibly durable.We’ll have the pool ready for her on Sunday. Love, June

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