14 Miles

I’m alive!  Sorry I didn’t post about my long run yesterday…I did make it out alive but I was so exhausted all day, that I didn’t really do much (except enjoy a pedicure!)

So, I met the LA Running Club bright and early  at 7 am yesterday in Santa Monica.  Upon arriving I noticed that these were some serious runners.  They all had Garmin watches and fuel belts strapped on – and not a single one had any headphones.  I felt a little out of place 🙂  They kept talking about how hot it was going to be (the high for the day was 82 but it was probably only about 68 when we set out).  One man turned to me and said, “Are you going to be ok without a fuel belt?”  I really wanted to reply with, “yes, I’m from Virginia where we run in 90+ heat with 100% humidity.  Fuel belts are for wimps.”  But instead I just smiled and said “yes, I just drink from the water fountains”.  (There are tons of water fountains along the running route.)

I had e-mailed the president of the running club earlier in the week to ask if there were any “slower” runners in the group, and he assured me there were.  Well, slow to these people is about an 8 minute mile.  Not exactly my definition of slow!  So, needless to say, I was by far the slowest in the group and ran the 14 miles on my own.  There were a couple of nice older men who ran the first half mile or so with me.  I found out later that one of the men was the president of the LA Marathon, and the other was the owner of the Dodgers!  Pretty cool 🙂

The run went very well!  It was nice to run a different route, with new scenery.  My legs and feet were definitely aching a bit, but other than that I felt great.  And I really liked the Luna Sport Moons:


I ate 3 of them at the half-way point (7 miles), and then 2 more at 10 miles, and the last one at 12 miles.  The flavor was delicious!  They are definitely very chewy and get a little stuck in your teeth, but as long as you wash them down with water they are fine.  I felt good energy wise for the last half of the run, so I would have to credit some of that to these energy chews.  I definitely plan to continue using them!

I haven’t decided if I will run with the running club again or not.  They were all very nice and friendly, but I think a little out of my league.  At least I can say that I was out there a lot longer than anyone else!

The rest of yesterday was spent napping, getting a pedicure, and enjoying a sushi dinner!

Cali attempted to do a little blogging of her own on my husband’s computer:


I’m looking forward to a relaxing Sunday!  Hope everyone has had a great weekend!


5 responses to “14 Miles

  1. go girl. good for you. i can WALK one/half miles mornining and nite., but really don’t want to run to far. However, my sister does run short races 5k’s etc. and enjoys it.

  2. Cali probably should have her own blog. She could focus on swimming tips! I’m so impressed with your focus and determination.

    • Thanks June! Cali is definitely more of a swimming fan than a running fan…and I’m sure she would have some good tips! She is quite the swimmer, and makes it look so easy.

  3. Way to go on the running! I am so jealous. I love running but my lower back always seems to hurt afterwards. I must be doing something wrong. If I could fix my back pain i’d love to run a marthon…how wonderful!! Keep up the good work!

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