Run along the ocean

Cali redeemed herself *somewhat* today as a running buddy.  My brother is in town and we decided to go for a run along Ocean Ave. in Santa Monica this morning.  I thought I would give Cali one more chance to prove herself as an on-leash runner.  The path along Ocean is beautiful and sandy, which is what my legs prefer.  Cali started off great, but when my bro decided to charge ahead, she thought she would charge ahead too.  So, she dragged me at a fast pace for most of the run.  Quite a change from me having to drag her!  When we met up with my brother halfway through the run, I convinced him to take Cali with him, since she seemed to be wanting to run faster.  Well, then she got a bit confused about who she wanted to run with.  He kept pulling her along but she just kept looking back at me.  So she ended up running the rest of the way with me, but not with as much gusto as the first half.  Other than the one pit stop to roll around in the grass, she did much better today.


Cali wanted to get a good view of the ocean after our run.  Here she is with her uncle, whom she adores!


Even on an overcast day, the California coastline is still beautiful to me.


Last night we had dinner with my brother and my husband’s parents.  It was nice to all spend time together and enjoy a good meal.  I made crabcakes, asparagus, and sweet potato fries.  My mother-in-law brought lobster tails, which was a delicious addition to our meal!  I totally meant to take pictures of our yummy dinner, but we devoured it before I remembered.  I did get one shot of the baked brie plate that we enjoyed before dinner:


Tonight we are heading to a restaurant called Craft, to celebrate birthdays!  My brother, my aunt (who lives in Santa Monica), and I all have birthdays coming up so we will be enjoying a nice evening out.  (Thanks mom!)  I had planned to take my husband to Craft earlier this year for his birthday, but I got very sick with the flu and we had to cancel our reservation.  So we are celebrating his b-day too!  I’m really looking forward to trying this restaurant because I’ve heard great things about it.  I will let you know how it is!


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