12 miles

I completed my 12 mile run this morning and, I’ll be honest, it was HARD!  I was surprised to find that my legs were STILL sore this morning, but I thought they would loosen up during my run.  Wrong.  It felt like I had 10 pound weights strapped to my thighs the entire time.  So, I took two, one-minute walk/stretch breaks at mile 3 and mile 9.  I’m proud of myself for finishing my run when I really just wanted to crawl home.  It’s easy to get frustrated when I have a bad run, but I just have to remember that I will have some good runs and some hard runs.  And at least I know why my run was hard today – that darn Jillian Michaels.

After some knee icing I walked to the farmer’s market – one of my favorite Saturday activities!


I bought some fresh fruits and veggies, and also treated myself to some fresh flowers.  There were many beautiful flowers:


Today I chose some pink cala lillies – they remind me of our wedding.  And this bunch was only $3!  I love having fresh flowers at home.


I’m going to see “The Time Traveller’s Wife” this evening with the girls.  I wanted to read the book first but never got around to it.  I’m looking forward to the movie!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday!


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