Wanted: New Running Partner

So, today I decided I would take Cali to a nearby trail for a run.  This trail runs through Manhattan Beach and is covered with wood chips, which makes a nice soft surface for lower impact.  The trail runs along a road so I couldn’t take Cali off the leash.  I had planned for us to run 5 miles, and I was really looking forward to it.  I thought Cali was too.  Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that Cali is not a good running buddy unless she can be off the leash.  About 1/2 mile into our run she stopped and would not move.  I proceeded to drag her along for another mile before deciding to turn around.  At one point she even dragged me to the grass and I thought she needed to go to the bathroom.  Nope, she just wanted to lay flat out on the grass and not move.    So, we ended up only running about 3 miles – I was a *bit* irritated with her.  Why does she run like a crazy maniac on the trail where she can be off the leash, but not at all when she is on the leash?

Does anyone ever have a similar problem with their dog, or is mine just a stubborn brat?

So, I’m now looking for a new running partner.  Any interest?


5 responses to “Wanted: New Running Partner

  1. Sounds like Cali needs some more pool time! You can bring her here for a little R & R and then have a serious run by yourself.

    • I think she prefers swimming over running 🙂 She will definitely be needing to come down there for a swim sometime soon – and I will enjoy a little run on the trail there!

  2. hey AnnaMarina! i just started reading your blog and it’s really cute, i especially like everything to do with Cali since i’m a golden retriever lover and former owner.

    re: your Q with Cali and running on the leash – with most dogs you have to train them to run with the leash, it’s not something they get used to right away. if you keep running with Cali and familiarize her with your pace and where she should be next to you, she’ll get better at it. i had to do this with my dogs too. it’ll take some time and patients but eventually she’ll run beside you instead of going off to do her own thing.
    i hope this helps!

    • Hi Ashley! Thank you SO much for the advice about running with Cali on the leash. It makes so much sense that you would have to train them to run beside you. We’ve been working a lot just trying to get her to WALK on the leash properly! I know it will take time and I’m trying to be patient. I enjoyed reading your blog as well…lots of yummy food ideas!

  3. I love reading your blog! I am inspired to start running again as soon as the baby arrives. Good job on the 14 mile run. I bet if you keep running with this group, you’ll catch up! You look and sound amazing…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ALL! I am going to try your scallops. Yummy!

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