11 Miles

I just finished a great 11 mile run.  Before I went out I ate an Organic Food Bar – Kids size.  It was delicious and nutritious!  The ingredient list is quite impressive: organic cashew butter, organic dates, organic agave nectar, organic bio sprouts, organic brown rice protein, organic cocoa powder, and organic rice crisps.  When I buy packaged food I make sure to check the ingredient list, because even things that are deemed “healthy” have all kinds of “fake” ingredients and preservatives.  I prefer the kids size when eating a protein or energy bar because they have far fewer calories.  Clif Bar makes kids size bars, but their ingredient list isn’t nearly as pure as the Organic Food Bar.  I highly recommend trying one!


So, my run this morning was GREAT!  I love my new shoes, and especially love the Nike + iPod feature.  I set my workout on my iPod for 11 miles.  Each mile along my run a lovely voice came through my headphones to tell me my distance.  At the half way point she begins counting down and tells how many miles are left.  It was great when she said “1 mile to go”!  If I want to hear my pace and time I can simply press the center button on my iPod and she will tell me all of the details of my run.  One of my favorite features is being able to set a “power song”.  You can set a power song on your iPod and at any time during the run when you want to hear that song, you simply hold the center button down and your power song will play.  It felt great completing the 11 miles this morning…and I especially loved seeing that I burned over 1,100 calories!

After icing my knees, I fixed a post run meal because I was starving!  I had a whole wheat english muffin with organic peanut butter and blackberry preserves.  And some yummy cherries on the side.  Mmmmmm, good!


Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday!


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