Chic Shopping

One super easy thing you can do to live more sustainably is bring your own bags to the grocery store.  I’ve been doing this for some time now, but decided I’d like to update my shopping bags to something a little more stylish – because going green doesn’t have to be boring 🙂  I do have a very cute market basket made by Reisenthel that I use for the farmer’s market, but I need something a little bigger for larger grocery outings.  Yesterday I found this re-usable bag at the gift shop here that I thought would be perfect. You can find them at IMG_1495I just got back from a great 3 mile run in the 90+ heat.  The heat index today is supposed to be 105-110!  Crazy!  I would have liked to run farther, but the heat starting getting to me, and the breeze was minimal today.  My brother and I are getting ready to go kayaking, which will be a great upper body workout.

Happy Monday to everyone!


One response to “Chic Shopping

  1. Hi, It sounds as though you are having a wonderful visist on the East Coast. I’m very impressed with your training regimen, especially given the heat and humidity. Looking forward to seeing you (and Cali) back on the West Coast. Love, June

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