Hello, from Charleston, SC!  I’ve been in Charleston since Tuesday visiting my dear friend Heather, her husband Ajay, their BEAUTIFUL 18 month old daughter Tula, and baby boy who is due in September!  I love coming to Charleston to visit Heather.  It is a beautful city and we always have fun spending time together.  Heather and Ajay have a great beach house on Sullivan’s Island, which is where we have been spending the past couple of days.  Tula loves the beach, and especially loves covering her auntie Annamarina in sand.tula

It is very relaxing out here on Sullivan’s Island.  Here is the view from the front porch where I’m currently blogging 🙂

beach house

Today I will be heading up to Virginia Beach to spend a week with my family.  My brother is driving up from Florida and will be picking me up in Charleston so I can ride the rest of the way with him.  Nothing like a road trip with your big brother!  At least we won’t have mom and dad threatening to pull the car over if we don’t stop fighting…

As far as my running is concerned, I decided to take a 3 day break while I’ve been here in Charleston.  My knees were very sore after my last run, so I thought it would be good to take a few days off and rest.  Probably a good idea since it’s so hot here!  Although, I’ve done plenty of running around after Tula – she is speedy!  I’m looking forward to running tomorrow in Virginia Beach with my dad.  He has always been a great running partner because he never lets me complain and always pushes me to go farther.  He has run many marathons and still runs for an hour every morning – he is amazing.  Occasionally I can convince him to run a race with me, but only if he knows he has a shot at winning his age group 🙂 

I’m excited about spending a week with my family, and also getting to see old friends.  Although, I really miss my husband and Cali.  I’m sure she is getting very spoiled while I am gone 🙂


One response to “Charleston

  1. Tula's grandmother

    Annamarina, it was wonderful seeing you in Charleston, Tuls will be missing you. Next time you will have to run with her. She will tell you,”I run fast”. Love, Harriet

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