8 mile run!

pics 019This morning I woke up early to run 8 miles – the longest I’ve done so far in this training!  And, luckily I didn’t have to run alone.  My good friends Danielle and Brett were kind enough to join me!  Danielle roller skated along side me and Brett – I must say how impressed I was with her roller skating skills 🙂  We ran to the bike path, which took us down to the beach, and then ran on the path along the beach for a few miles, turned around and headed back.  It was a wonderful run – mostly because I had such great company!  It makes such a big difference to have someone to talk to on these long runs – the time goes by much faster.  We had a nice ocean breeze cooling us down most of the way, and the sun wasn’t too hot yet – perfect conditions.

After a cool shower and icing my knees, which I have found greatly reduces the soreness, we were off to the farmer’s market in our neighborhood.  It is such a wonderful thing to be able to walk down the street and buy fresh produce.  The peaches this time of year are my absolute favorite!  Although most of the vendors are not certified organic, they do not use pesticides on their produce.  It is expensive for many local farmers to become certified organic, even if that is what they are practicing.  Just ask before purchasing – I trust them!  Along with buying lots of fresh produce, I thoroughly enjoyed a veggie omelet – I was starving after the run!

I spent the afternoon getting a pedicure, which I highly suggest after running 8 miles, and lounging by the pool.  It’s been a perfect Saturday!  Cali would agree too, since she got to play with her best friend Hudson today 🙂

cali's birthday party 004

Thanks again Danielle and Brett for joining me this morning!


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